Projects that I contribute to

Firefox Profiler

Currently working on Firefox profiler back-end and profiler front-end. It’s written in Javascript with React and Redux libraries. It takes profile data from Firefox and visualizes it. The profile data is generally pretty big (can be 50MB-100MB depending on profiling session) and this project visualizes that kind of data with ease. Front-end code can be seen in the GitHub repository here.


I’m an active contributor on Firefox. Worked on style system for a while and now mostly working on the profiler inside Firefox. It’s highly performance sensitive and written in C++.


Servo is an open source modern, high-performance, parallel browser engine written in Rust by Mozilla. It’s also developing by a global community. I’m an active contributor who is working on mostly style system and has review privileges. Also did my internship at Mozilla on Stylo project which was porting Servo’s style system to Firefox.

Personal Projects


A toy interpreter written in Rust language. The purpose of the project is to understand compiler theory. Its lexer and parser is in very good shape and does shift reduce parsing with one lookup. It has a small runtime that does arithmetic operations, standard input and standard output, if-else etc.


Wizy is an infinite runner game written in C# with Unity Framework. Player gains point by staying alive while running towards obstacles. By time, player becomes faster and obstacles gets harder to pass. Player dies when little witch hits any obstacles. It’s currently Android only but it can also be ported to iOS or other platform if desired.

Twitch Live

A Firefox add-on for tracking favourite streamers, accessing live channels and games in Twitch. It notifies you when your followed channel becomes online and allows you to browse channels by games or popularity. To see the notifications from your favourite channels, you only need to enter your username and not your password. It syncs channels from Twitch API and gives the updates every 5 mins. The add-on written in Javascript with Angular. Currently it’s not actively maintained.

Twitch Chat Bot

Twitch Chat Bot is a chat moderation tool for Twitch streamers. User can define some commands before and use them in their chats afterwards. It can be used as a filter/ban tool to ban a specific keyword or topic. It can also give some statistics about current chat and banned users. It’s written in Javascript with Electron.


noted is a pretty basic Android app that you can use to take some notes, see your previously taken notes or to do lists. It’s written in Java.